Monday, 4 April 2011

Dancers, Jokers and Dudes Day 122, April 5th, 2011


April is all about the Batak and the fine musicians that called Pulau Samosir their home.  Lake Toba is an absolute paradise steeped in contrasts (ex: Sumatra is heavily of the Muslim faith, whereas Samosir is an Island in a Volcano filled with Christians).  In Part Two, Gary and I are invited to a cultural performance of the Batak musicians and dancers.  Most of the Batak songs have to do with passing stories down from one generation to the next or tales of happiness.  But sometimes, there are drinking songs.  See it here:

Randall in "High" school
Gary and I have wrapped shooting for the year.  It has been a wild 12 months where we have learned more than expected and accomplished more that we hoped.  Randall has asked for his one-year employment review in hopes for a raise but then we found this picture from his high school yearbook and told him he was lucky to still be alive. 

Vanessa has since moved from the guitar to the bass believing that because it has fewer strings, it must be easier to learn.  While it is impressive enough that Vanessa can even count to 6, we do believe that a females bass player is pretty awesome so we’ll allow her to fumble around with the office bass for a few weeks (this is a privilege that Randall would never get to enjoy).

My twin brother Drake continues his assault on the world of travel documentaries with his new program, the Totally Incorrect Travel Show.  It offers an unscripted; non-research based approach to factual travel television and at times is very, very funny.  He shows how tomatoes are farmed on a volcanic Island in Indonesia and attempts to catch the world’s fastest snail in Brazil.  It’s all rather intelligent and it’s all right here:

The creative minds behind Bored of Directives (which is essentially Gary and myself) are busy providing factual, funny and creative content.  You can find info about my stand-up comedy, On The Beat and Path, TITS: the totally incorrect travel show, our moving screen saver/podcast series “Windows To The World”, music from award winning rockers The BENCHMARX, and content from our newest creative partner Paola Blanton and her project titled, The World is a Dancer. 

So much to see, so much to do.  Enjoy and tell a friend.

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