Monday, 14 March 2011

Randall Spilled Orange Juice On The Keyboard and He Cried Like a Basketball Player From Miami

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Day 115, Mar 15, 2011

No blog on Monday.  Much apologies to those who live and die by the words of the On The Beat and Path crew.  There must be at least three of you, and one of you is responsible for the lack of a Monday blog. 

Here’s the situation:

Randall, ridiculously excited to make fresh orange juice for everyone, forgot to put the lid on the blender when he was juicing the fruit.  Now before you get the visual of that disaster, I want you to picture what it’s like to be in a room with a shiny-shirt loving, wooden shoes wearing, non-ironic-mullet-having academic misfit when he’s excited.  He moves as though he constantly hears Euro-disco and shakes as though there is a strobe light placed strategically in front of his face.  That’s Randall excited and it’s a recipe for absolute disaster.  As such, no blog yesterday.

So keeping in terms of disaster, I have to share this video that was shared with me by the talented and described-by-some-as-handsome, Alfred Loh.  He did issue the following warning before providing the video:

witness the most amazing glorified piece of retardation in the universe”

Now, in the words of the great Bill Hicks, “I can’t not watch it” when such a warning is placed.  That and we produce a series on music.  We would be douchebags if I didn’t give it a look-see. 

 Apparently there is a music production studio in California that does more harm than good.  Their mission is to take large sums of money from rich, over-indulging parents who wish to stroke the all-to-young ego of their precious children, produce hideous over-produced pap, shoot a HD video, throw a rapper in there for good measure (make sure he’s ‘urban’) and make the lyrics so painstakingly bad that you keep wondering if Adam Sandberg is going to make an appearance at any moment to clearly mark that this is a joke.  No such luck.  This is the biggest joke that was never meant to be a joke ever!  It saddens me to know that musicians all over the world work on their craft, are passionate about their culture, their community and this piece of wicker furniture’s contribution to the music landscape is notifying us that Saturday follows Friday.  Bob Dylan is shitting green today.


Now there is some good news though.  We continue to release all sorts of Brazil goodness.  If you still haven’t seen the official episode, all three parts are available at:

There you will also find bonus scenes including a video to correspond to our Brazil-inspired song, Todo Dia (Everyday).  Today we released a video showcasing the eye-popping graffiti and street art of Sao Paulo.  Hey Ho, Let’s Go:

I am doubling up on creating the in-house blog as Gary further prepares our most recent project for release.  It is coming on April 1st and it is going to be huge.  But this also means that I get to do another week of music appreciation.  This week I am going to listen to Johnny Cash’s live At Folsom Prison until the paint peels from the wall.  It’s undoubtedly one of the greatest live albums ever produced.  The first track alone provides a musical soundtrack to mimic a train and provides the epic line, “I killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die”.  Who doesn’t like Johnny Cash?  No one, that’s who.

Enjoy some of Gary’s additions to the website as he updates it often with news and videos.  Plus, the podcast from Brazil is also available.

Catch Us Live Somewhere on this Planet.



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