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The Creative Process :: August 29th, 2011

Hey Folks

It’s been awhile, apologies.  I’ll keep this short. 

Gary gets back from a month of vacationing in American and filming his wife/dancer Paola (she made a performance piece in our Brazil episode - in Macedonia.  She does some terrific work with a music festival over there and we’ll be excited to bring you some footage of that in due time.   So much more to come in the meantime.

We have been releasing bonus scenes, lost scenes, deleted scenes and summer content which includes clips from Toronto’s Fringe Festival, Singapore’s Rock & Roots Festival and Guelph’s Hillside Festival.  You can check out our YouTube Channel for episodes you may have missed.  Plus Gary will have everything available on our new updated website very soon.  Check out the cool things he has been doing at  Not everything is active as of yet but stay tuned, there is so much more On The Beat and Path coming.

That said, we’ll release another bonus scene today.  For those that remember, or were with us during Season One, we paid a visit to Bali and joined a local Gamelon band at a recording studio run by the great DJ KAZZ.  Together and through the language of music, we created the season two theme song, the kick-ass, “Everything Matters”.

Here is the online Season One Bali segment:

Here is the BEHIND THE SCENES segment of our recording the above segment:

Well, today we are happy to release footage of us in India when we first came up with the idea for this song. The footage is a little grainy, obviously the song wasn’t in it’s polished state but it gives you a glimpse of our creative process and reintroduces you to characters from Season One, Episode One in Goa, India.

From Left to Right: Gary on Guitar, Jungle Chris Horton on the nylon string, Erik is banging on the Cajon somewhere on the floor and I am on the right. 
The setting was perfect under the Banyon tree by the ocean.  It was difficult to leave.

All the while, Randall was trying to get a fire going.  It took him seven hours before we finally gave him a lighter.  He was not impressed.  On Wednesday, we will share with you what we did with the fire.

Coming soon:

We’re going to release a full 27-minute documentary from our time at the Hillside Music Festival in Canada with performances from Lights, Chali 2na, Sloan, Ganga Giri, Kim Churchill, Serena Ryder, Emmanuel Jal and so much more.  It’s probably better than anything you are watching on TV at the moment anyway (especially the 2011 MTV VMA’s – Does MTV still care about music these days?)

Serena Ryder at Hillside Music Festival Guelph, Canada 2011

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