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Missed Planes and Burning Neckties :: August 31, 2011

Hey Folks

Last day of August.  Almost had a great meeting with Gary and almost set our direction for the coming year which includes post production of ON THE BEAT AND PATH for television, and post production for two, potentially three documentaries for submission in to film festivals in 2012. However, Gary is not in Malaysia.  He missed his flight from Macedonia and spent a night (or potentially two in Istanbul).

No there is every reason to believe that Gary missed his flight because of crazy traffic in Sofia.  No doubt.  Gary is a man of his word and I must take him at that.  But with a year of traveling under our belt (we’re talking 17 countries and over 25 cities here) it is safe to say, the man plays with fire when it comes to challenging planes’ ability to depart on time (with every passenger).  It takes two hands to count the close calls and long mornings.  Even Vanessa has been heard to drop a, “goddammit Gary” once in a while.  

Gary performing a self diagnosis test after an ill-fated motorcycle accident in Lake Toba, Indonesia

Gary should be arriving between sometime today and next week.  It just depends on how good the Turkish bath houses are. 

I am continuing to do stand up in the region and am headlining a show in Kuala Lumpur (well…a suburb anyway) on September 13th.  The show is at Nero Fico and is a great spot to get a delicious feast in you before the show.  Local comic, Kavin is MC’ing the event with MACC comic Chi Ho opening with a few minutes.  The price is set at 20 rm and you can get more info on the FACEBOOK event page here:

Steve live at Nero Fico, September 13, 2011

As mentioned in Monday’s blog, I wanted to share the reason why we had Randall start a fire for us.  While in India back in April 2010, we wanted to perform a ceremony, some sort of celebration of the creative task we were about to start.  I thought it was rather appropriate to light a fire and burn some neckties.  So here is Erik, Gary and I on the beaches in Goa with nothing but a fire, some neckties, a few guitars and an improvised song.

Rocking on the beaches of Goa just before the tie burning ceremony

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