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23 Songs Down, 473 To Go Day 126, April 11th, 2011

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Day 126, April 11th, 2011

Do you like screen savers?  I like screen savers.  Randall LOVES screen savers.  As the official office prankster, Randall has been known to take or create ridiculous images and place them on the office desktops.  It would be very easy for us to put the requisite security blocks on our computer but it is also very entertaining to see what he will do next (it usually involves putting Vanessa’s head on an endangered animal’s body).  Randall always finds it funny, Vanessa always gets upset and Gary and I always seem to be amused by the office dynamics it creates. 

That said, Gary and I are happy to release the 2nd installment of our WINDOWS TO THE WORLD series titled, LAKE WEEK.  Back in August we released MOUNTAIN WEEK, a five part, moving screensaver/podcast series celebrating mountains.  After all, love em’ or hate’m you have to admit, Mountains are pretty big.  Well this time we are bringing you Lake Week.  As you know, they can get you moist and leave you damp.  Enjoy the stunning visuals from South East Asia’s largest fresh water lake in a volcano, LAKE TOBA:

As promised, I am about to embark on a special mission, a mission to listen to the top 500 songs of all time as chosen by Rolling Stone Magazine.  I will have artists from each letter square off in a round robin of epic proportions.  I can imagine that a competition of this magnitude (and subjectivity) will result in a little creative freedom on my part in terms of how the winner is chosen, but I’ll try to keep it rather structured.   Here we go.

Today’s Challenge: A’s

Today’s Competition:

Aaron Neville Tell It Like It Is
Abba Dancing Queen
AC DC Back in Black
AC DC  Highway to Hell
Aerosmith Dream On
Aerosmith Walk This Way
Aerosmith Sweet Emotion
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force  Planet Rock
Al Green Let’s Stay Together
Al Green Love & Happiness
Al Green Take Me To The River
Al Green Tired of Being Alone
Alice Cooper School’s Out
Alice Cooper I’m Eighteen
The Allman Brothers Band Whipping Post
The Animals House of the Rising Sun
The Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
The Animals Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstoon
Archie Bell & The Drells Tighten Up
Aretha Franklin Respect
Aretha Franklin I Never Loved a Man
Aretha Franklin Chain of Fools
Aretha Franklin Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

Obviously, ABBA will be immediately disqualified for obvious and lengthy reasons.  Since I recently shaved my beard I will also take the Allman Brothers out of the running.  Aretha Franklin deserves the recognition, but RESPECT has been featured in way too many sitcoms over the years resulting in its removal from the competition. Al Green is incredible sexy but way to sappy.  Alice Cooper is personally responsible for encouraging men to wear make up and the name alone, Archie Bell & The Drells requires them to be eliminated.  Based on the song alone, Aerosmith’s DREAM ON is a definite favourite but lost a close one this time to AC DC’s Highway to Hell.  Well done you crazy Ozzies.

Winner of the A’s: AC DC’s HIGHWAY TO HELL.

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