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‘On The Beat and Path’ – a travel documentary series about music releases their global soundtrack
Album Art by Steve Northcott Photography by Hannah Northcott

Malaysia – May 5th, 2012 – After having traveled to 19 countries over the course of 15 months in search of this planet’s musical pulse, musicians, filmmakers and vagabonds Gary Blanton and Steve Northcott are happy to release the official soundtrack to their music/travel series, On The Beat and Path.

The album contains 18 sonically diverse tracks recorded with 22 guest musicians and recorded in five countries.

The On The Beat and Path Soundtrack is organized in to three distinct parts: On The Beat and Path recordings, Songs From the Mekong recordings and Live and Improvised recordings.

Part One: On The Beat and Path
The first six studio recordings are songs written for On The Beat and Path by Steve and Gary and include appearances by guest musicians from Malaysia, India, Cambodia, England, Germany, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and the United States of America.  These songs were written and recorded in Bali (Indonesia), Kampot (Cambodia), Camburi (Brazil) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Part Two: Songs From The Mekong
Songs From the Mekong was a creative project that signaled the finale of the On The Beat and Path’s filming session.  Steve and Gary, together with three musicians from Malaysia, traveled to a small village in Cambodia where their creative mission was to write and record five different songs in five days.

What emerged from these artists who had never previously collaborated (or knew each other) was an exciting fusion of genres and musical styles and are included here on the On The Beat and Path soundtrack.

Guest artists on Songs From the Mekong include Nadhira (Malaysia), Azmyl Yunor (Malaysia) and Jason ‘Vandal’ Schadt (Canada).  Tracks were recorded in a small hut outside of Kampot, Cambodia at Bodhi Villa Musician Retreat.

Part Three: Live and Improvised
These last collections of songs contain magical music moments collected from Gary and Steve’s travels while filming On The Beat and Path.  They are live, they are improvised and there were no second takes.  This unique collection of sounds include a by-chance meeting of a sitar player on the beach in Goa, India which led to a seventeen minute jam, an improvised comedy song about the germ killing agents in fresh fruits, an impromptu Laotian freestyle poetry slam and the soothing sounds of the Brazilian ocean.

Tracks from this album have received radio play on BFM 89.9 (Malaysia) and AFO Radio (Malaysia).

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Produced by Gary and Steve, musical brilliance was led to this album by the following:


Malaysia recording at 21:05 Studios Engineered by JD Wong
Cambodia recording at New Leaf Studios Engineered by Hugh Munro
Bali recording at SoulFlip Studios Engineered by Karsten Schroeer


On The Beat and Path (throughout album)
Steve Northcott: vocals, guitar, ukulele, and harmonica
Gary Blanton: bass, guitar, backing vocals

On The Beat and Path Band
Brian Morefield: saxophone
David Ross: lead guitar, backing vocals
Erik Richardson: drums, cajon, backing vocals

Songs From The Mekong
Nadhira: vocals, piano
Jason Schadt: vocals, beatbox,bungkau
Azmyl Yunor: mandolin, vocals, harmonica and guitar
Kyra Boyer: backing vocals

Sitar Jam:
Chandu: sitar
Vishu: bamboo flute

Gamelan Recording (Everything Matters – Bali, Indonesia)
Karsten Schroeer: beats
Asep Bagja, Rudi Brewok, Asep Sukmana, Deni Ramdani, Agun Adiputra, Aris Tanaya

The Cambodian Backpacker Choir

Track Listing:

On The Beat and Path Soundtrack (19 minutes)
1.   Everything Matters (Bali)
2.   Toda Dia (Every Day) (Brazil)
3.   We Could Be Anywhere (Cambodia)
4.   Fair Weather Friend (Malaysia)
5.   C’MON (Malaysia)
6.   On The Beat and Path Outro

Songs From the Mekong Soundtrack (20 minutes)
7.   Where The Hell Are Ya?
8.   Every Day
9. L’Orphanique (Live & Improvised at Kampot Music School for Orphans)
10. The Bridge
11. This Wall
12. BONUS: LCCT (Boyer Remix)
13. Songs From the Mekong Outro

Live & Improvised Jams (31 minutes)
14. Sitar Jam (India)
15. Wash Your Hands With Fruit (India)
16. Poetry in Laos (Laos)
17. BONUS: Ocean (Brazil)
18. Live & Improvised Jams Outro

Total Running Time: 66 minutes

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